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Gaugemaster Prodigy Advance 2 

Prodigy Advance 2 conforms with NMRA standards and is compatible with most other leading DCC systems.

One of the key features of DCC operation is that each of your locomotives has a numeric address which you select as and when you want to run that locomotive.  DCC allows you to run it anywhere on your railway at the same time as other trains are moving.

Prodigy Advance comes with a Base Unit, Power Pack and a Walkabout Controller with 9,999 addresses and use of 99 Walkarounds.

Specifications and Features

Input 15 - 16v DC 3.5 Amps

Output DCC Signal with 14.5v amplitude for OO/HO & N gauges.

Maximum current 3.5 Amps

Maximum number of Walkrounds - up to 99

Address capability - 2 digit (1-127) or 4 digit (1-9999)

Speed steps - 14/28/128

Accessory functions - 20 (F0 to F19)






PRICE £ each




 Prodigy Express Package  



 Prodigy Advance 2 Package - consists of three elements. The power Pack, Base Unit and Walkaround hand-held controller  


 Extension plate  


Walkround Controller  

 Prodigy Advance2 Wireless Walkaround  

 Very Small Decoder 0 

 6 Pin N Gauge Plug in Decoder 0 

 OPTI 8 Pin Direct Plug Decoder  

 OPTI Small 4 Function Decoder 0 

 DCC Accessory Decoder for four accessories 3 
  GAUGEMASTER Transfomers/controllers  

 T1 Transformer 2 x 16vac @ 1 amp (32va) 0  SOLD OUT


DCC40 Auto Reverse Loop Unit

DCC50 Booster unit

DCC51 Prodigy Wireless Conversion Set

DCC55 Advance Computer Interface Cable (usb) 


Get your Branch line or end to end Tram layouts running back a forwards useing the Lenz's silver or gold with a BM1 (2 required for end to end shuttel) and see the vehicle's slow down to a stop, the lights change (if fitted) waits before it slowly startes off again. email tech support for more details

All the above P&P £4.00p. for starter sets with transformer £8,00. please email for full details


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